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Ghulami Brothers Company
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Mohammad Qasem Ghulami
dried fruits, saffron, beans, vegetables, plants and Cereal
Production Capacity (Kg)
3 tones Daily
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About the company
Ghulami Brothers Company is a non-political and non-governmental company registered at the department of industry and commerce in Herat Afghanistan with permit number (32-859) in 2004. This company started her work to create a market for buying and selling agricultural products, import and export product from and to foreign countries in order to improve agriculture and economy sectors of Afghanistan. In addition to the main company, we have taken the "Pamirnowavarran trade company” license to work on some specific products. Further, we have newly taken another license as "Ghulami processing and packing of agricultural products". Therefore, we are ready to work in the processing and packaging of dried fruits, saffron, beans, vegetables, plants and Cereal. Since 2004, company started to export agricultural products like sesame, caraway, all types of raisins, watermelon seeds, apricots and … to United Arabic Emirates and Iraq. In 2010, company was interested in processing and packaging agricultural products. After packing agricultural products, our first shipment was exported to Germany and sold well. The company has newly established in 2019 a new factory site as processing center in Herat which will be used as a standard place for processing of dried fruits by the consultancy of PVCW project through KIA service provider. Currently the company have been certified for ISO 22000/HACCP.

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Islam Qala Road_District 13


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