image1 Afghanistan Red Gold Saffron Company

Company Info

Company Name
Afghanistan Red Gold Saffron Company
License Number
Contact Person
Qudratullah Rahmati
Saffron,Dried fruits,Dried vegetables
Production Capacity (Kg)
6000 kg Annually
Registered In
Trader, producer and processor
About the company
Afghanistan Red Gold Saffron is our registered trademark since 2016. Our main office is located in Shahab road, Herat City and the planed factory will be stablished in Herat Industrial park. The company’s processing center for saffron separation is in Ghoriyan district, it has about 342 acres of saffron cultivation in Herat province. Afghanistan Red Gold Saffron has been introduced as the largest exporter of saffron with the top management team and the biggest markets of their products are: Spain, America, Saudi, India, Canada and Norway. The present export of company is about 6000 KG in a year. Afghanistan Red Gold Saffron many saffron stores including supermarkets and wholesalers in Mazar Sharif, Kabul and in Herat province to sell saffron country wide. The company has commercial branches in countries like United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, India, United States of America and Norway.

Contact Us
64 metra street, sadiq 33


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