image1 Gowhar NaaB Saffron Production, Processing and Packaging Company

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Company Name
Gowhar NaaB Saffron Production, Processing and Packaging Company
License Number
Contact Person
Mohammad Nader Maliki
Production Capacity (Kg)
2500 kg Annually
Registered In
Trader and processor
About the company
GOWHAR NAAB Saffron Company was established in 2014 under AISA license number D-03-2205 in Herat, Afghanistan. The company is led by saffron technical experts to promote Afghan saffron in national and international markets, create employment opportunities and improve economic growth in Afghanistan. This company mobilizes more than 6000 saffron farmers (male and female) in Herat, Balkh, Farah and Badghis provinces who undergo training on cultivation, growing, harvesting, processing and marketing, and fortunately GOWHAR Naab Saffron could develop direct linkage with more than 8,500 saffron farmers in many provinces. The GOWHAR NAAB saffron company has expanded communication links to its engaged farmers who are well trained in production of quality saffron up to marketing phase, and with the company’s assistance, they stand ready to engage in business with international buyers, wholesalers and traders. The Company is honored to technically support the farmers and provide them free of charge guidance and technical support as this Company facilitates saffron farmer’s engagement as shareholders in the business. GOWHAR NAAB saffron company relies on modern technology and experts who strive to ensure and maintain saffron quality standards and hygiene. In doing so, the company strictly complies with international standards and to extend possible contributions in the development of the saffron industry in Afghanistan.

Contact Us
93(0) 797376770
[email protected]
Ameriat Square, Walayat Street_sadat Center


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