image1 Ariana Saffron Agriculture Processing and Packaging Company

Company Info

Company Name
Ariana Saffron Agriculture Processing and Packaging Company
License Number
Contact Person
Eng. Bashir Ahmad Rashidi
Production Capacity (Kg)
2000 kg annually
Registered In
Trader, producer and processor
About the company
Ariana Saffron (AS) is a family-run business established on Jan 2011 and officially registered in MOCI (Ministry of Commerce and Industries) under the visionary leadership of Mr. Bashir Ahmad Rashidi with 15 years of his profound business experience. Ariana Saffron has been closely associated with farmers through pre-harvest and postharvest activities. To support these activities, Ariana Saffron has been investing in cultivating its own saffron farm in Herat, Afghanistan and post-harvest processing as well. The company is further in process of setting up an integrated spice processing and postharvest facility. Ariana Saffron is an enterprise which firmly believes in a sustainable business model, focused on developing agriculture in Afghanistan for food security and economic growth of the local community and to enable farmers and rural communities, who have been deprived of opportunities to a sustainable & peaceful livelihood, to grasp onto an opportunity for a better future.

Afghanistan,Herat – Nowabad Farqa Nabshe Kushe Masjed Jume Sharif


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