image1 Dehqan Saffron Product, Processing and Packaging Company

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Company Name
Dehqan Saffron Product, Processing and Packaging Company
License Number
Contact Person
Nasir Ahmad Arian
Production Capacity (Kg)
500 Annually
Registered In
Trader and Processor
About the company
Dehqan Saffron Company was launched in 2014 by experienced individuals in the field of saffron production, processing and trading to increase the cultivation area, increase saffron production and create entrepreneurship for the working class, especially women. The company has achieved many successes over the years, including the construction of several saffron farms. The company has established a strong relationship with farmers and has therefore become one of the most famous saffron company in Afghanistan. The company operates mostly at the national level, purchasing saffron directly from farmers and packing it in half a kilo and a kilo packages for export purpose. Dehqan Saffron Company is working to process dried saffron to provide women with the opportunity to work and to improve saffron quality to match the international standards. Thus, the company has been providing free of charge technical advice and monitoring to saffron farm owners and providing the necessary advice to all saffron farmers to increase the quality and yield.

Contact Us
93(0) 797472406
[email protected]
Walayat Main Street, opposite to PAIL, Herat city


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