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Company Name
Fahim Muslim Moshkwani
License Number
Contact Person
Ghulam Yahya Moshkwani
Pistachio, Raisin
Production Capacity (Kg)
400 Tones Annually
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About the company
Fahim Muslim Moshkwani Ltd was established in 2013 under the license number 32-3732 with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Herat Province of Afghanistan. However, the company is working in the export and import of the agricultural products since 1995. Fahim Muslim Moshkwani provided job opportunities for around 50 employees while this number goes higher based on the season. Each year the company export 300 MT of pistachio and Raisin to India where they have long term contract. Fahim Muslim Moshkwani has two process centers in Herat and processing high quality Abjosh Raisin and Pistachio with different size of packaging. As part of the company expansion this company explored the new markets in Turkey and Dubai and will soon start exporting to the mentioned destinations. Fahim Muslim Moshkwani is committed to provide high quality Afghan Agricultural products to its customers and the satisfaction of customers from pure and high-quality products is a strong point for the company to grow even more. Currently, the company is evaluating machineries that are used for processing of dried fruits and they believe which with these machineries they can boost the processing and cover more markets.

Contact Us
93(0) 799424000
[email protected]
Darb-e-Iraq, Farooq Nazari Market


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