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Company Name
Afghan Royal Saffron Company
License Number
Contact Person
Mahmood Jami
Production Capacity (Kg)
200 kg Annually
Registered In
Trader, producer and processor
About the company
Afghan Royal Saffron Company is a Private saffron Company, operating in cultivation, production, processing and exporting pure, natural, organic and handpicked saffron in Herat Afghanistan with 10 years’ experience in saffron industry. The company has been registered with the Afghanistan investment services assistance (ASIA) in 2014 and is active till now. Fortunately, Afghan Royal saffron yearly growth rate is increasing which means the total value of the company is in a better position from previous years. Beside the all above mentioned operations the company is trying to find better market for its products, Afghan Royal Saffron participated in one of the largest and most famous Chinese food and beverage exhibition called the (IFE) 15th international food exhibition of the Guangzhou city of China and was very Successful in exhibition and fortunately our saffron gained the high quality product by the exhibitors among 500 international food and beverage companies from different parts of the world. The main aim of company is to introduce Afghanistan Saffron to international market as the best quality saffron across the globe. To achieve this goal, it is important to adjust the Afghan Royal saffron products according to international standards and norms. The result will affect saffron export positively and will promote and increase a better economy and will help Afghanistan people in self-sufficiency of the country.

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Herat _Spinadi, next to khoshbakhti salon


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