image1 Crystal Saffron Production Processing And Packaging Company

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Company Name
Crystal Saffron Production Processing And Packaging Company
License Number
Contact Person
Mohammad Alem Naeeb
Production Capacity (Kg)
1000 kg Annually
Registered In
Trader, Processor
About the company
Crystal Saffron is a privately-owned company founded by Afghans. The company has been active in the promotion, cultivation and production of saffron for many years, especially in Herat Province. The company operates in several districts of Herat province such as Pashtun Zarghoun, Injil, Ghorian and Gozara. Over the years, it has produced more than five tons of pure saffron and made it available to domestic and foreign consumers and export. It has been delivered to European, Asian and African countries and has been able to provide hundreds of workers in the field of cultivation, harvesting, processing and labor. Crystal Saffron Company is currently operating a saffron processing center in the city center of Herat and employs more than a hundred employees as its saffron production partners. The high production rate, high productivity of arable land with staff and experienced specialists in the field of agriculture has made this company one of the best and most active saffron production companies in Afghanistan.

Contact Us
93(0) 798252821
[email protected]
Mokhaberat Street_District 4 Sharwali


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