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Company Name
Mahtab Saffron Process And Production Company
License Number
Contact Person
Haji Mohammad Ebrahim Adel
Production Capacity (Kg)
450 KG
Registered In
Producer,Trader and processor
About the company
Mahtab Saffron Process and Production LTD (Mahtab Saffron) was established in 2008 in Herat, Afghanistan. Although based in Herat, Mahtab Saffron also has branches in Kabul, Afghanistan and Hamburg, Germany. Today with more than two decades of experience in production of saffron and creating job opportunities for hundreds of people and families and exporting this valuable product out of the country borders, proudly is one of the first companies in production of hydroponic saffron in Afghanistan. Mahtab Saffron has a special interest in promoting female farmers, employing more than 180 women in their saffron farms. Mahtab Saffron obtains all its saffron from Afghan farms which consist of more than 120 jeribs of land (240,000 m2). One of the important activities of the company has been to distribute 300 saffron packs free of charge to 300 hard-working farmers in 4 districts of Herat province. Since 2008, Mahtab Saffron has gained extensive experience and knowledge in saffron cultivation, processing, and exporting to international markets. Mahtab Saffron is committed and continuing to enhance the quality of Afghanistan Saffron and introducing this product to international markets.

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Shahid Sadeq_5, third floor


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