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Nesa Agriculture Company
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Contact Person
Afsana Azizi
Saffron, Pistachio. Cumin, Grape
Production Capacity (Kg)
15 KG
Registered In
Trader and producer
About the company
Nesa Is an Arabic word meaning women. Indicating that our service is shadowed to women. Nesa Agricultural Company was established in 26/01/2015 to produce afghan agricultural products and provide agribusiness best services. Nesa agricultural company provided 100 acres of lands to cultivate saffron, grape, pistachio, green been, pea, and green house products. The land is in Guzara district of Herat city. We mainly focus on women empowerment. We have created work opportunities for the poor and deprived women in the society. We are enthusiastic to get and implement beneficial agribusiness projects for women. We have 30 women and 20 men employees. Mission: To encourage and develop creative leadership and effective personal management within the agribusiness community, and to develop traditional marketing practices to emerging markets in a sustainable manner. Vision: To become a leading private business development consultancy and training agency in Afghanistan, and to provide the necessary knowledge to afghan women to take part in the household economy aiming marketing to reduce the poverty in the country. This is done through increasing productivity of agricultural commodities as a base to address the high level of poverty prevalent in much of the country.

Contact Us
93(0) 79269000
[email protected]
Guzara district,Shahrak Band Salma


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