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Company Name
Zar Neshan Kimiya Company
License Number
Contact Person
Ahmad Jawid Mahyar
Production Capacity (Kg)
50 kg Monthly
Registered In
Trader and processor
About the company
Zar Neshan Kimiya Company (Zar Neshan Kimiya Saffron) was established in 2016 by a team of agricultural and trading experts in Herat province with cultivation of 20 Jerib of saffron farm and on Saffron harvesting time we officially obtained the business license numbered as 24506. From the beginning, this company has been working on the quantity, quality and marketing of saffron with recognition of standardized methods and intends to work with technical staff to develop the saffron industry and introduce Afghan saffron globally. Besides Saffron this company will start to export fresh fruit to international market. Subsequently, the mission of the company is to systematically produce, process, package and export saffron in line with international standards. In recognition of Zar Neshan Kimiya expert staff, we will step on the way of our mission with strong capacity to achieve our goals. ZNK Saffron’s Mission is to create consistent value for their customers and supply chain partners that will in turn maximize shareholder value and long-term earnings growth and to provide best quality saffron while exceeding customer expectations. ZNK intends to be a pioneer leader in Saffron production company and will fulfil it with integrity and an uncompromising standard of quality. This company will be successful in an ethical and socially responsible manner, never losing sight of their goal, and thinking about the positive development of Afghanistan.

Contact Us
93(0) 799209672
[email protected]
30 Mitra Road Next to Khayam Weeding Hall


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