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Company Name
Arya Flour and Bread Manufacturing Company
License Number
Contact Person
Tamim Azizi
Wheat and Flour
Production Capacity (Kg)
300 tones Daily
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About the company
Arya Flour and Bread Manufacturing Company Holds License number (D3794-4) from Ministry of Trade and Industry and License number 82 Ministry of Public Health. It was established in 2003 as a private company to create job opportunities and play a role in providing best quality flour to its consumers. The company is built on a 6-acre site area equipped with the new technology imported from Germany and Turkey, with a capacity of 300 metric tons daily production on the Pashton Arya site. The products of this factory include Null Flour, Star Flour, Baking Flour, Whole Wheat Flour and High-Quality Bran processed in a controlled laboratory. Arya Flour is enriched with Iron, Copper, Vitamin B, Vitamin A and some other minerals with support of Afghanistan Ministry of Public Health and World Food Program to prevent and cure most diseases such as anemia, hoarseness, and boredom, caused by a deficiency of some vitamins and minerals that is prevalent in third world countries, especially in Afghanistan.

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Kandahar_ Herat Highway, near to Guzara district, Areya street


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