image1 Gandom Koban-e- Heray Flour Production Compnay

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Company Name
Gandom Koban-e- Heray Flour Production Compnay
License Number
Contact Person
Sayed Abdul Raoof mowdodi
Wheat and Flour
Production Capacity (Kg)
160 Tones Daily
Registered In
About the company
Koban Heray Wheat Flour Company is a privately-owned company that started operating in 2018 with personal investment in the first phase of Herat Industrial City. The company is officially licensed by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and has sales representatives and purchases of raw materials (wheat) in Herat, Farah and Kandahar Provinces. The main goal of the company is to produce high quality products, compete with foreign products and create jobs in Afghanistan and have a dedicated and experienced people with modern facilities and management system equipped with production, warehousing and sales. The products of this company are based on the use of locally produced wheat and continue to meet the local market demand. The company uses Best quality wheat as it is its main principle, which is carried out by the Quality Control Laboratory daily. The company produces: first-grade flour, second-grade flour with bran,and animal feed.

Contact Us
93(0) 789800000
[email protected]
Guzara District ,Industrial Town_Phase 1


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