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Mayhan Saffron production, Processing and Packaging Company
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Haji Zaiudin Qaderi
Production Capacity (Kg)
500 KG
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About the company
Mayhan Saffron company established in 2017 under the license number (38707) with Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Herat province of Afghanistan. Since establishment the company has always seeks new and innovated ways in order to accomplish their long-term goals. In 2018 the company has exported 200 kg of saffron to the following destinations: 175 kg of saffron to India, 10 kg of saffron to Emirates and 15 kg of saffron to European countries. The company provides high quality saffron and based on the customers’ demands their packaging is vary from 0.5 gr to 1,000 gr. Mayhan saffron company saffron farm located in Injil district of Herat province and it is 4.2 hectare of land. The company is planning to expand their farm in the coming years to produce purer saffron. They also plan to activate a bigger and modern processing center in order to process and pack saffron on time to meet the customers demands. So far, the company has employed 4 permanent staff and provide job opportunity for 750 people on seasonal base. Mayhan Saffron Company is an active member of the Afghanistan National Saffron Union, and at the same time the company has knowledge of the Indian market, while the main objective of the company is to find new Indian customers and increase their export and sales volume.

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Welayat Street, in front of PAIL,second Floor


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