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Karwan Sabz Agricultural and Livestock Service Company
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Ezatullah Sediqi
Providing Services and Inputs, PICS Bags, Saffron, Greenhouse, Machineries
Production Capacity (Kg)
According to demand
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Input Supplier
About the company
Karwan Sabz Agricultural and Livestock Services Companywas established in 2013 headed by Engineer Hamidollah Samadi and Mr. Ezatollah Sedighi as his deputy. The company was granted a license to operate as a joint stock company by ISA in Balkh province. The company has been operating in 23 provinces of Afghanistan, which has been in direct contact with many farmers over the past few years to increase its production capacity for greenhouse crops and fruits as standard. Karwan sabz Agricultural and Livestock Services Company is currently active in 8 provinces with 80 female and 25 male employees. This company is the best service provider in Green house business and has an expert team of engineers. In 2014, The company obtained a license from AEP with which it can work in all over Asia.

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93(0) 796261014
[email protected]
Qul Urdo Sabiq, In front of Asr TV


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