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Tarhe Sabz Company
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Mohammad Ebrahim Aslami
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Tarhe Sabz Company was established on April 2011 by an expert team. TarheSabz works toward agriculture and livestock activities according to company’s principles that are respect to human values, integrity and business. These principles explain how, behaviorally and responsibly, we want to go forward to achieve our vision. VISION: TSAL vision is to be a reliable, effective and innovative pioneer in the sustainable agriculture sector, enough good quality food for all human kind in the world and improving good farming knowledge. MISSION: To empower the local farmers and marginalized sections of the society by providing them good quality seeds, machinery and training to boost their production and economy. LEGAL STATUS: TarheSabz Agriculture and Livestock company (TSAL) is a legal entity and is registered with the Ministry of Commerce, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. TSAL management brings many years of successful experience and have made continuous progress since its establishment in 2011. The team comprises of managers, technical experts and sales representatives from across the country. TSAL is considered a reliable Company because it is well positioned to implement big projects due to its experience and sustained relations with Ministry of Agriculture, NGOs, UN, farmers in remote and far flung villages across Afghanistan.

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Herat_Mahtab Street,District 5


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