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Company Name
Rayan Saffron Company
License Number
Contact Person
Abdul Khaliq Khodadadi
Production Capacity (Kg)
50 KG
Registered In
service provider, trader and processor
About the company
Rayan Saffron operates in the production, processing, packaging and trading of saffron in Herat province, we produce high quality saffron for our consumers. Rayan Saffron Company started its activity in the field of saffron production and trade in 2019 and is a technical, professional and experienced company. The company intends to produce, process and package quality Saffron in line with national and international standards with high quality and deliver it to domestic, regional and international markets. It produces pure, natural and standard saffron. Our focus is on quality and standard products and we will do our best to satisfy our customers. We want to produce saffron that is wholly hygienic and meets all food safety standards so that our customers can consume it and enjoy it. The company has leased 10 hectares of land for saffron and is trying to produce saffron that is approved and demanded by everyone. Our company has established a process center with modern equipment for standard saffron processing, and a professional staff is employed to process saffron to compete with domestic and foreign markets. The company has also set up a website in the saffron sector only so that our customers are aware of its activities and can easily purchase our saffron through our website.

Contact Us
Ostad Mashal 3, Bekr Abad, District 4th


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