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Company Name
Baba Saffron Company
License Number
Contact Person
Jalil Ahmad Karimi
Production Capacity (Kg)
50 KG
Registered In
Trader and processor
About the company
Baba Saffron Company is an independent company registered under license number D 03-395 with Afghanistan Ministry of Trade and Industry. The company has been active in the production of saffron and saffron corm in Pashtun Zarghoun district of Herat province for many years. Baba Saffron Company, which has a national reputation as one of the leading companies in saffron production. Since its inception by its founder, Haji Mohammed Akbar, known as the father of saffron, the company has been able to increase crop yields and produce saffron and export valuable crops to foreign markets. Baba Saffron Co., under the leadership of Jalil Ahmad Karimi, who heads and oversees it, has participated in various domestic and foreign training programs and exhibitions. This company has been an important partner and trading company for domestic and overseas establishments in the production of saffron corm, it has provided valuable services to saffron farmers and commercial companies. The core value of the company's management process lies in the commitment, integrity and production of quality products for both domestic and overseas customers. The company is proud to have introduced saffron as an alternative product to opium cultivation and drugs.

Contact Us
93(0) 799431105
[email protected]om
Bank khoon Road,Shahid Sadeq 4_ Herat Business Center


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