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Company Name
Heray Gardner’s Association
License Number
Contact Person
Ahmad Zia Yousofi
Grape and Raisin
Production Capacity (Kg)
1000 Tones
Registered In
Trader, processor and producer
About the company
Heray Gardner’s Association was established in 2007. Our farmers changed the face of a very dry area into a green and fruitful area with determination and hard work. The area includes variety of fruits farms especially grape. The farms were built for the personal use of the farmers in the village of Karimabad at Guzara district of Herat province. All planting and harvesting are done traditionally by the farmers of this association. The association uses traditional grape drying warehouses to produce raisins. The activities of this association include collecting grapes, cleaning the grapes and transferring them to raisin production site, raisin collection, sorting, processing and packing raisins.

Contact Us
93(0) 799362491
[email protected]
Darb-e-Kandahar, Aslami Market


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