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Arya Saffron Company
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Arash Behrad
Production Capacity (Kg)
500 kg
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Buying pure saffron is easy and fast at Arya Saffron. We can provide you direct access to the first-class pure saffron with highest quality. Arya Saffron has been tested for odor, color and taste and scores grade 1 under ISO 3632-2-11 standards. We have our saffron tested by Eurofins, So that our customers are guaranteed the best quality. As a result of this research, we receive an analytical report with numerical values for the color, odor, humidity, etc. Arya Saffron scores 259 on crocin. This means that our quality is super high. There are some companies that claim a score of 280+. However, this is a sign of no pure saffron. We offer our customers an extensive range. At Arya Saffron you can use the fastest worldwide and most extensive shipping methods. In addition, we have a 7-day return policy. With us all your questions are answered. The stylish black jars of saffron can be ordered for as little as 1 gram, but we also offer larger quantities for customers who regularly use saffron.

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Sadiq 15, Shaheed Sadiq street


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