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Company Name
Talay Sorkh Afghan private Company
License Number
Contact Person
Abdul Shakoor Ahrari
Saffron,Cumin, almonds, raisins
Production Capacity (Kg)
According to demand
Registered In
Trader, producer and processor
About the company
Talay Sorkh Afghan private Company. It was established in 2015 under the license number 23703 with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Herat Province, Afghanistan. The company has the commitment and proficiency to promote and improve the market of Afghan saffron in Afghanistan and around the world. Talay Sorkh Afghan aims to help and support saffron cultivators (farmers) in producing, processing, sorting and packaging in accordance with the attested international standards and provide all provinces of Afghanistan with high quality saffron and export it to other countries as well. Besides supporting, encouraging and motivating saffron cultivars in producing better quality saffron the company also seeks international markets to sell their high quality saffron at a higher price. The company provides Job opportunities for 5 permanent staff and around 400 seasonal jobs especially for women each year. Talay Sorkh Afghan Ltd main purpose is to develop and improve the market of saffron with commitment and expertise by processing and packaging according to international standards and supplying saffron with high quality to international markets with reasonable price. The company mission is to build long term relationship with its clients and provide exceptional customer product by pursuing business through innovation and modern technology.

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93(0) 799153815
[email protected]
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