image1 Najian Mehwarz Agricultural Gardening And Livestock Company

Company Info

Company Name
Najian Mehwarz Agricultural Gardening And Livestock Company
License Number
Contact Person
Fardina Akbari
Saffron, Pistachio, Cumin,Grape
Production Capacity (Kg)
300 Tones Annually
Registered In
Trader and processor
About the company
Najian Mehrwarz Agricultural Gardening and Livestock Company started to operate in 2019/9/2 holding a License number of 61332 from MOCI. The company operates in Herat province`s agriculture, Livestock, and horticultural sectors, it provides a work environment for people, especially for women. One of the goals of the company is to enhance the production of its products and introduce them to international market. The company monitors its products from cultivation, processing to marketing, and export overseas. The company tries to contribute its part to become self-sufficient in agriculture. The company actively invests part of its income on active and young people of the society.

Contact Us
Qul Urdo street, Ejaz course, Gowhar Shad 13


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