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Company Name
Am-Aria Saffron Production and Processing Company
License Number
Contact Person
Ahmad Maroof Kabiri
Production Capacity (Kg)
500 kg Annually
Registered In
Trader and processor
About the company
Am-Aria Saffron Company started its saffron production, harvesting and processing in 2009 in Zinda-Jan district of Herat province based on a comprehensive development plan to cultivate, harvest, process and market high-quality saffron in western Afghanistan. Since then, we continue to cultivate, harvest and process high-quality saffron through exclusive partnerships with local small-plot farmers in many districts of Herat. The company has developed a professional technical team to assist in the training of small-plot farmers by providing in class as well as on the farm technical support for quality control throughout the cultivation, harvesting and processing phases. That has assured us to obtain high-quality saffron, which is in high demand not only in the local market but also in regional and international markets. Obviously, saffron is one of the most valuable spices in the world, and saffron from Afghanistan stands out in its quality in par with Spanish and Italian saffron. Our focus is to adhere to the quality control in production, harvesting, and processing in order to obtain the highest quality saffron and enhance our product and trademark. At Am-Aria Saffron Co, we stand by the high quality of our saffron product, because we know and follow our saffron in accordance to the GAP principles right from the early stages of choosing the saffron bulbs to cultivate, caring, harvesting and processing and packaging stages of the operation.

Bekr Abad, Near to Ustad Khalilullah Khalili 5


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