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Nawi Habib Zada LTD Company
License Number
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Najibullah Habibzadah
Saffron, Dried fruits, Nuts
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Process , Export
About the company
Nawi Habib Zada LTD established in 2005 in Herat province of Afghanistan under the license number 3201-313 with Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Since its establishment the company is dealing with exporting of pure Afghan Saffron, Dried Fruits & Nuts. Under the Nawi Habib Zada entity, they have established Habibzada Saffron focusing on introducing saffron along with valuable customized packages to the market. The company has employed 15 people and during the seasonal time they appoint 200 employees for the project. Additionally, they are also exporting the products to India, Dubai and Sweden. Last year Nawi Habibzada company exported 4 MT of Pistachio and 17 MT of Raisins, 850 kg of saffron to Dubai, India and Sweden while at the same the marketing team of the company are seeking for new markets for Afghanistan saffron. The company is currently expanding its market on an international platform and is exploring for new market to introduce & export the pure Afghan Agricultural products. Nawi Habib Zada LTD is operating towards processing its own packaging center and manufacturing various packages to meet the demands of the saffron market. The packaging Expanding and introducing Afghan Agricultural products on an international platform is main objectives of the company.

Contact Us
93(0) 700413020
[email protected]
Darbe Khosh, next to Khaja Mohammad Taki street, 4th district, Nawi Habibzada market, Herat, Afghanistan


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