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Almas Saffron LTD.
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Javid Azizi
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Process , Export
About the company
Almas Saffron Company was established in 2008 and is registered with the Ministry of Commerce and Industries in Herat, Afghanistan. The company’s objective is to improve the business and help to raise the quality and quantity of saffron in Afghanistan in an attempt to replace saffron as an alternative to poppy. The company has a processing center in Ghoryan district, the main production center of saffron in the country. Almas Saffron Company has created 4 full time jobs for the employees and 150 seasonal jobs for people in the area who are busy in cultivating, harvesting, processing and packaging of saffron out of whom most of them are women. The company has exported 295 Kg of saffron to India and Germany in 2017. Overall the company has 30 Jeribs (60,000 Square meter) of saffron field and beside this the company is buying pure saffron from all individual farmers. The company mandate is that always provide high quality saffron to the clients and keep its linkages with the farmers and consumers.

Contact Us
93(0) 798444485
[email protected]
Shahid Sadiq Boulevard, Sadiq 54, after the first intersection, Herat, Afghanistan.


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